Keep warm in spring to protect yourself from neck and joint pain

This article introduces an ancient traditional Chinese medicine quote to protect yourself from joint pains in springtime. “Cover up in spring because the spring cold easily affects the bones and joints.” The nature of spring weather Spring is regarded as the season of new growth and change, but it is also a very unstable season during which […]

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How does acupuncture help joint pain (Bi Syndrome)?

In ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, joint pain was named Bi Syndrome. Some joint illness not only causes pain, but chronic or long-term one can also cause disfigurement of the joints. It is very beneficial if joint pain can be treated in the early stages, and it can help to prevent the disfigurement of the joints. Joint pain […]

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Cabbage and circulation around the joints

Cabbage is a very popular vegetable throughout the world and it is available in every season. Cabbage is available in purple and white. Many families eat cabbage a few times a week. Did you know, Traditional Chinese Medicine highly recommends eating cabbage as it greatly benefits your health. 1. Health effects of Cabbage Chinese Medicine, […]

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