Post-Treatment Advice

Helpful tips after your treatment

If you are new to Chinese medicine, please read the following tips to help you better understand how your body might respond after your treatments.

The following advice can help to improve your comfort and support the healing effect of your treatment.

Feeling tired

It is a normal response if you feel more tired after your treatment.

We recommend taking it easy and to avoid doing strenuous activities for the rest of the day after your treatment.

Remember to stay hydrated

It is recommended to drink plenty of warm water to help your body flush out toxins released during your treatment.

If you experience skin redness after acupuncture, we can suggest drinking peppermint tea to help your body clear it sooner.

Skin bruising, rashes or pain

Small bruises, lumps, tingling, numbness or pain may occur over certain points after acupuncture. These are normal reactions that usually clear within a few days.

Cupping and scrubbing will leave temporary skin marks over treated areas.

Dizziness or headache

Some people may experience these symptoms for a short time after certain treatments. If your symptoms persist or worsen, please contact your practitioner for further advice.

If your symptoms feel worse

Changes after treatment are signs that your body has responded. When starting a new course of treatment, some people may temporarily feel worse before they feel better, also known as a ‘healing crisis’. However, this effect shouldn’t last for more than a couple of days after your last treatment.

If you have any worries, simply call your clinic to speak to your practitioner.

Allergies or reactions to Chinese herbal medicines

Let your practitioner know if you experience any uncomfortable symptoms after starting your herbal medicines.

Don’t wait until your next appointment, simply call your clinic and your practitioner will be happy to give you further advice about what to do.

Our clinic keeps detailed records and reports of adverse reactions to medicines which helps to keep our practitioners informed and our patients safe.

Stay in touch

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call your clinic and ask to speak to your practitioner between appointments.

Our team welcome your questions and feedback at any time.

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