About Ping Ming Health

Ping Ming Health is a leading acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine clinic with 9 practice locations across Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria.

Our team consists of over 20 university degree qualified Chinese medicine practitioners – Australia’s largest, professionally qualified team dedicated to the practice of Chinese medicine. We work together to offer strong clinical expertise practiced with a warm and caring approach across the widest range of health conditions.

Australia’s trusted name in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Founded in Perth in 1992 by Dr Ping Wang, Ping Ming Health has grown to become a national leader in providing high quality Chinese medicine services to Australians of all ages.

Dr Wang has personally trained all of Ping Ming Health’s Chinese medicine practitioners to her high standards and continues to care for patients in our clinics to this day.

As an industry leader, we’re not content to stand still. Since 2014, our clinic has implemented a comprehensive and transparent feedback program that surveys every client to help us improve the quality of our services. Our clients have told us that they value the professionalism and expertise of our practitioners equally with the personal and caring service of our team-based approach.

Having surveyed over 100,000 consecutive appointments across all of our clinics since 2015, we’re proud that 93% of our clients would recommend us to their family and friends – and our team works hard to earn and keep this trust every day.

Why choose Ping Ming Health?

Our clinic is dedicated to the professional practice of traditional Chinese medicine. It is the second most widely practiced medical system in the world, and one of the most popular natural and complementary therapies.

All of our practitioners diagnose and practice according to holistic Chinese medicine principles and are experienced with the widest range of common and difficult health problems.

Our caring practitioners and assistants come from diverse backgrounds and cultures, and so do our clients. Since 1992, our clinic has provided continuous care and advice to up to four generations of families in Perth.

In this time, we have formed great relationships not only with our clients, their relatives and friends, but also their GPs, specialists and other health practitioners with whom we work together to provide complementary health care.

Why should you try traditional Chinese medicine?

We intuitively know that our bodies have a powerful self-healing ability which is at work 24 hours a day. Sometimes due to injury, overwork, long-term physical or emotional stress, an un-healthy diet or home and work environment, this self-healing ability can be weakened, get stuck or even go wrong.

A fundamental principle of Chinese medicine is not simply to treat the symptoms of disease, but to diagnose and correct underlying imbalances that prevent your body (and mind) from healing itself. Illness and disease in the eyes of Chinese medicine isn’t defined as a list of symptoms, but looking at the underlying reasons why your body isn’t functioning as a balanced whole, or why it is not in harmony with the environment you live in.

Using a combination of natural therapies including acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, meridian massage, cupping and scrubbing, we aim to relieve your symptoms while supporting your body to restore and strengthen its own natural healing ability. Our practitioners can also give you individual lifestyle and dietary advice relevant to your condition, drawing from over two thousand years of Chinese health preservation knowledge and experience.

Chinese medicine may be able to offer you an alternative way to treat those conditions that have failed to respond to other methods. It may also be used in conjunction with western medicine and other complementary therapies, or when a natural alternative is preferred.

Health Articles

We have published over 130 clinic health articles on our website to help you gain a better understanding of traditional Chinese medicine. The knowledge of Chinese medicine will give you a new way to think about health and an insight into caring for your body and our human relationship with the natural world.

It is our aim to provide you with many ideas about how to prevent disease so that you have the knowledge to live happier and healthier. You are welcome to share our articles with your family and friends.

You can browse articles by choosing a topic of interest from the Health Articles menu at the top of our webpage.

Remember, our health articles are not a substitute for health advice relating to your individual symptoms or disease. Always consult with a qualified health practitioner who understands your health and can recommend the most suitable advice and treatment for your body.

Clinical Training

Under the guidance of senior practitioner and lecturer Ping Wang, our clinic offers TCM students and graduate practitioners many opportunities to further their clinical education and training.

Each year our clinic accepts students for observation in our clinic to help them gain more experience. Some of our practitioners give free seminars for community organisations to introduce Chinese medicine, acupuncture, diet therapy and ways to improve health naturally.

Visit our Clinical Training page for more information.

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