Thyroid Disorders

Acupuncture for Thyroid Disorders

Acupuncture for Thyroid Disorders

The thyroid is a small, butterfly-shaped gland located at the front of the neck that secretes hormones to regulate the body's use of energy, metabolic processes and growth.

Around one in 20 people will experience some form of thyroid dysfunction in their lifetime and women are more likely to have an underactive thyroid.

The signs and symptoms of hypothyroidism vary from person to person and early symptoms can include weight gain and fatigue.

What Does The Research Say?

The following insights are obtained from scientific studies, systematic reviews and analysis of clinical trials investigating the efficacy of Acupuncture for Thyroid Disorders.

Scientific References

Browse our collection of scientific research on Acupuncture for Thyroid Disorders. It includes recent and reputable papers published by peer-reviewed journals within the last 10 years.

Annals of Palliative Medicine

2021, Jun 16

Meta-analysis-based systematic review of effect of traditional Chinese medicine intervention in treatment of diabetic nephropathy on thyroid function
Annals of Palliative Medicine

TCM intervention in DN is effective in treating the clinical symptoms of patients with this disease and has ideal therapeutic effects.

Zhang X, Wu M, Zhou J, Zhou R, Luo Q, Yue R, Jin S. Full Article

Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

2020, Jun 8

Case report - Acupuncture treatment in patient with high TSH (thyroidstimulating hormone)
Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

This case report showed that acupuncture is an effective treatment for patients with hypothyroidism due to high level of TSH. The treatments balances hormonal changes, maintain regular TSH levels and improve further endocrine functions.

Zhu, Jihe and Arsovska, Blagica and Kozovska, Kristina Full Article

International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH

2019, Apr 9

Case report: Acupuncture treatment in male patient with primary hypothyroidism
International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH

This case study showed effective results of acupuncture for hypothyroidism. The male patient reported to have reduced TSH levels, increased fT4, stopped gaining weight and balanced energy. Patient continued treatments for several months to further maintain thyroid production levels.

Zhu, Jihe and Arsovska, Blagica and Kozovska, Kristina Full Article

Journal of Integrative Medicine

2018, Nov

An overview of the contribution of acupuncture to thyroid disorders
Journal of Integrative Medicine

The clinical study showed high effectiveness of acupuncture in treating thyroid disorders. Thyroid biomarkers and symptoms from hyperthyroidism/ hypothyroidism were significantly reduced with treatments. Patients also reported to have better sleep quality, digestion and emotional health. Acupuncture was also more effective in co-treatment with western medicine, and produced less side effects in the long run

Cheng, F.-K. Full Article

Annals of Translational Medicine

2016, Nov 23

A systematic review of combinatorial treatment with warming and invigorating drugs and levothyroxine for hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto disease
Annals of Translational Medicine

Warming and invigorating drugs combined with levothyroxine may improve treatment of hypothyroidism caused by HT more than levothyroxine alone based on the FT3, FT4, TSH, TPOAb, and TGAb results. Based on the low qualities of the included studies, further evidence is needed to confirm these conclusions.

Xiangwen Cheng, Zixiao Wei, Guangde Zhang, Xin Shao, Bo Li, Rui Gao Full Article

Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

2016, Apr 4

Case Report: Acupuncture Treatment for Hypothyroidism
Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

This case study showed that acupuncture regulate hypothyroid symptoms with balancing the immune system and autonomic nervous system. The Hashimoto patient managed to reduce intake of Eutirox (hormone replacement drug) while receiving treatments. She also reported to have better emotional health and quality of life.

Arsovska, Blagica and Zhu, Jihe and Kozovska, Kristina Full Article


2014, Dec 1

The effects of acupuncture after thyroid surgery: A randomized, controlled trial
Surgery Society of University Surgeons, Central Surgical Association, American Association of Endocrine Surgeons

This academic research showed high efficacy of acupuncture for pain relief after thyroid surgery. Patients with regular acupuncture treatments required less pain killers and experienced less side effects.

Iacobone M, Citton M, Zanella S, Scarpa M, Pagura G, Tropea S, Galligioni H, Ceccherelli F, Feltracco P, Viel G, Nitti D Full Article

Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine

2014, Jun

Chinese herbal medicine for subacute thyroiditis: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials
Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine The China Association of Chinese Medicine & Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

CHM (particularly CHM combined with Western Medicine) used to treat subacute thyroiditis may improve clinical symptoms and signs, reduce relapse rate, and alleviate the side effects of hormones. Due to poor methodological quality of included trials, further more high-quality studies are warranted to confirm the effectiveness and safety of CHM.

Hui Luo, Meng Lü, Xiaohua Pei, Zhongyuan Xia Full Article

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