Chinese Medicine Treatments & Services

Over our 25 years of practicing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine in Australia, more and more people are discovering its potential to help many common and difficult health conditions – including those that have failed to respond to contemporary western medicine and other therapies.

Chinese medicine also works well in conjunction with western medicine and other complementary therapies, and at times when a drug-free alternative is preferred.

Chinese medicine consultation and diagnosis

Our practitioners are experienced in using Chinese medicine tongue and pulse diagnosis, together with a history of your signs and symptoms, to help you make sense of how your various symptoms may be interrelated.

One important difference of Chinese medicine is that we don’t treat symptoms in isolation, but seek to diagnose the underlying patterns of disharmony (syndromes) that are causing them.

With this approach, when certain internal organ imbalances, emotions, recent or past injuries, as well as particular lifestyle, diet and environmental factors are resolved, many co-existing symptoms can be relieved together.

Many chronic, lingering and re-occurring symptoms can be solved when the underlying physical, emotional and lifestyle causes are identified and addressed.

Chinese medicine treatments

Our practitioners will advise which combination of the following Chinese medicine treatments are most suitable after diagnosing your symptoms. You can also let us know if you have a preferred type of treatment.

Which treatment should I have for my condition?

This is a commonly asked question and the answer is: in the eyes of Chinese medicine, every body is different even when two people have the same disease or symptoms!

Which is why our practitioners will help you using the most suitable Chinese medicine treatments after getting to know your body and symptoms.

The most suitable treatment plan will be discussed with you during your first visit, taking into account your own personal preferences. Your own Chinese medicine treatment plan considers:

  • How frequently you need or can have follow-up treatments
  • Which treatments are most effective for your condition (in our experience)
  • Which treatments your body responds best to
  • If you are receiving any other treatment or taking medications at the same time

Even if you are afraid of needles, Chinese medicine possesses many complementary treatments such as herbal medicine, cupping, scrubbing and meridian massage which may also help with your condition.

Health conditions

Chinese medicine treats the body as a whole, which is why even a long list of symptoms can be helped by treating the underlying cause.

Take our simple Preventative Health Check if you have been feeling run down, overwhelmed with symptoms and unsure of where to start.

Our professional Chinese medicine practitioners are very experienced and can assist with a wide range of health problems, please contact us or learn more about making Your First Appointment.

Health is not just the absence of illness,it's a philosophy of life.