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Meet Australia’s leading team dedicated to the professional practice of Chinese medicine

Ping Ming Health practitioners are degree-qualified in Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture with extensive clinical experience. Our practitioners are alumni of 13 universities across Australia, China and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, each of our Chinese medicine practitioners have been personally trained by Dr Ping Wang to her high standards and continue to receive ongoing professional development and mentoring within our team.

We believe teamwork is essential for providing the best possible care and treatment outcomes for each of our clients. No matter which Ping Ming Health clinic you visit, you’ll find that all of our staff work together as one team for your health.

In addition to treating general health issues, our practitioners also have their own special interests as Chinese medicine practitioners. This does not mean that they are medical specialists or have received specialist training or qualifications.

Chinese medicine is one of the 14 nationally registered health professions in Australia. All of our Chinese medicine practitioners are nationally registered and accredited by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and AHPRA.

Dr Ping Wang

Dr Ping Wang

Clinic Founder & Senior Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Ping Wang is the founder of Ping Ming Health with over 35 years of clinical and teaching experience. She studied and lectured at the Capital Medical University & Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Ping is well-known for her caring, enthusiastic, and loving attitude towards her clients of all ages. She is the role model of Ping Ming Health’s values of “working together with respect, care, and love,” through her high standards of clinical practice and leadership.

Over her 30 years of continuous practice in Australia, Ping has cared for up to four generations of families from babies to seniors. She is experienced across the widest range of common and difficult health issues with a special interest in women’s health and children’s health conditions. Ping and her team also help hundreds of couples with setting up their families each year using Chinese medicine for fertility IVF support and supporting women throughout their fertility and pregnancy journeys.

Across our busy clinics, Ping is constantly sharing her knowledge and experience with Ping Ming Health’s team of practitioners. She has generously and passionately shared her knowledge throughout her entire career through her teaching, seminars, and writing. Ping is an external supervisor of Chinese medicine students from RMIT University and she has personally mentored over 50 Chinese medicine practitioners to establish their successful professional practice in Australia through the Ping Ming Health Academy’s training programs for new graduates.

In her leisure time, Ping enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, practicing tai chi, and Chinese medicine diet therapy. Ping also speaks Mandarin and is a member of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA) and the Federation of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Societies of Australia (FCMA).

Dr Ping’s story: why I studied Chinese medicine

Dr Jinnan Cai

Managing Director & Senior Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Practicing with compassion, patience and attention to detail, Dr Jinnan Cai is passionate about the potential of traditional Chinese medicine to provide effective and natural health care that complements both western medicine and our modern lifestyles.

Jinnan is experienced with a wide range of health problems commonly helped by Chinese medicine from migraines, frozen shoulders and chronic eczema through to women’s health and pregnancy. He also has a special interest in the management of postoperative and chronic nerve pain. Jinnan readily takes up the challenge of helping people with complex physical and emotional symptoms by helping to identify and treat the underlying causes using Chinese medicine diagnosis.

Jinnan holds a double degree in Chinese medicine and human biology with first class honours from RMIT University, and graduated with a perfect GPA. He is an external supervisor of Chinese medicine students from RMIT University. Outside of medicine, Jinnan loves to travel and learn from people of different cultures and ways of life. He is a member of AACMA and AICD, the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Fay Dai

Fay Dai

Senior Remedial Massage Practitioner

Fay Dai is an experienced and caring massage practitioner with an Australian diploma in remedial massage. In China, she graduated from the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine with a combined degree in traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine nursing. She has medical work experience from a busy Chinese hospital and is recognised as a senior practitioner of the Ping Ming Health team. With her background in traditional Chinese medicine, Fay combines western remedial massage with Chinese meridian massage techniques to stimulate the acupuncture channels and points, as well as muscles, tendons, and soft tissues to balance the internal organs.

For over 7 years, Fay has worked cooperatively with the team at Ping Ming Health to help with a wide range of health issues, ranging from general health issues to women’s and children’s health. She is very professional and patient with her clients. In her spare time, Fay enjoys practicing yoga and playing badminton. Fay is a member of the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia (CMASA) and also speaks Mandarin.

Dr Shaima Al-Hudaid

Dr Shaima Al-Hudaid

Senior Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Shaima Al-Hudaid loves supporting her clients through the ups and downs of their journey to re-balancing their body, maintaining good health and living a happy lifestyle. She holds a double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology from RMIT (first class honours) and has clinical experience from Perth, Melbourne and the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM in Nanjing, China.

Warm, caring and approachable, Shaima has always wanted to help others since having to battle with illness herself as a child, which led her to study Chinese Medicine. She is one of Ping Ming Health’s most sought after women’s health and pregnancy practitioners. Shaima tailors her treatments to each individual and supports her clients throughout their entire journey from pre-conception to pre-birth and post-natal health. For six consecutive years she has received Ping Ming Health’s award for helping the highest number of women with successful pregnancies.

Shaima also has experience in digestive health, pain management, managing symptoms of anxiety, women’s hormonal issues and cancer treatment support. She is a valued member of Ping Ming Health’s practitioner training team, trusted by Dr Ping Wang to mentor new practitioners and observing students. Shaima speaks fluent Arabic and is a member of AACMA.

Dr Mina Kim

Dr Mina Kim

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Mina Kim is a caring and friendly practitioner who loves to help people using traditional Chinese medicine and diet therapy advice to rebalance their bodies. Her interest in Chinese medicine began from childhood as her family gave her traditional Chinese herbal medicine when she was young.

She has a special interest in supporting women experiencing health issues such as irregular periods and period pain, PCOS, hormone imbalance and acupuncture IVF support. Mina has received Ping Ming Health’s practitioner award for helping women with successful pregnancies.

Using a range of techniques including acupuncture, cupping, scrubbing and Chinese herbal medicine, Mina also frequently helps with pain management from headaches and migraines to back and muscular pain. She is also proficient in tackling digestive symptoms such as bloating and bowel issues.

Mina holds a double degree in Chinese medicine and human biology from RMIT University, Melbourne. She also has clinical experience from the Nanjing University of TCM in China. In her leisure time, Mina enjoys watching action and comedy movies. She is a member of AACMA and also speaks Korean.

Dr Hana Hua

Dr Hana Hua

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Hana Hua is a compassionate, caring and experienced Chinese medicine practitioner who has clinical experience in working with people from all backgrounds in Australia and abroad since 2007. She graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and has worked in a busy Chinese community healthcare centre and hospital, as well as in Russia and New Zealand, before moving to Australia. Hana acknowledges the need to understand and appreciate cultural differences by providing suitable treatment and lifestyle advice. She is a firm believer in Chinese medicine’s ability to support a healthy life and focuses on each patient’s individual body constitution through diagnosis, makes personalised treatment plans, and gives suitable lifestyle advice.

While Hana is well versed in a wide range of health issues, her greatest interest is in women’s health with an all-encompassing approach that includes both prevention and healing. Being a mother to a young son herself, Hana is also passionate about sharing her knowledge in all aspects of pregnancy support and post-pregnancy health. She is also delighted to engage with families and discuss their wellness with her experience and skills. She practices with professionalism and enjoys putting her adult and young patients at ease even if it is their first acupuncture experience.

Hana helps patients to build up their own immunity to fight common symptoms associated with respiratory issues, seasonal hay fever and allergies. She introduces Chinese exercise therapies such as the eight-section brocade (Baduanjin) to clear the meridian channels and balance internal organs. She also has a special interest in helping with stress, sleeping disorders, and digestive imbalances. Hana has patience for all ages and is keen to listen to their stories with a deep heart. She provides individualised treatments and advice, and is always ready to give lifestyle and dietary suggestions to each of her patients. Hana is a member of ANTA and also speaks Mandarin.

Dr Fatima Al-Hudaid

Dr Fatima Al-Hudaid

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Fatima Al-Hudaid is a sincere and caring practitioner driven by her passion for serving humanity. She uses her communication and clinical skills to create personalised treatment plans for her clients. Coming from the highlands of the Arabian Peninsula where traditional herbal knowledge is treasured ignited Fatima’s interest in natural medicine, which eventually led her to traditional Chinese medicine. She holds a double degree in Chinese medicine and human biology from RMIT University and has extensive clinical experience from Melbourne, Perth and the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of TCM in China.

Fatima has a holistic approach to life and believes all parts of a whole are interconnected. She has worked with women with health issues from irregular periods and PCOS/endometriosis to supporting their fertility with acupuncture IVF support and care throughout pregnancy. Fatima believes anxiety and emotional symptoms should not be ignored as they are precursors for many health issues. She also has a special interest in the management of pain including helping her patients experiencing symptoms of cold and fluheadaches, hay fever, digestive, bowel and skin conditions. Fatima also speaks Arabic and is a member of AACMA.

Dr Sophia Yu

Dr Sophia Yu

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Sophia Yu is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and remedial massage practitioner. She graduated from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine with a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and has seven years experience practicing in a major Chinese medicine hospital in Beijing. Sophia is a member of the Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture Society of Australia (CMASA).

Dr Jimmy Fan

Dr Jimmy Fan

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Gentle, caring, and listening with a sympathetic ear, Dr Jimmy Fan utilises the holistic approach of Chinese medicine to find out the root cause of illnesses and provide personalised treatments. Jimmy believes that people’s mental well-being, lifestyle, and environment are closely linked to their body’s health. He uses gentle acupuncture techniques and suggestions to promote the body to heal through rebalancing the internal organs.

Jimmy has substantial experience in pain management, anxiety, fatigue, low immunity, allergies and nasal symptoms, digestive health, and skin disorders. He also has a special interest in working with patients who have women’s health issues including menstrual disorders, menopausal symptoms, and providing adjunct assistance for IVF. In the past few years, Jimmy has also received Ping Ming Health’s annual clinic awards for helping the highest number of successful pregnancy cases and weight loss treatment success.

Jimmy received his Bachelor of Medicine (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with an academic scholarship from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (China) and gained considerable clinical experience in a wide range of diseases and complex conditions during his hospital internship at the most prestigious TCM hospitals in Beijing. During his spare time, Jimmy is an amateur photographer interested in shooting landscapes and loves playing badminton. Jimmy also speaks Mandarin and is a member of ANTA and CMASA.

Dr Lois Yang

Dr Lois Yang PhD

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Lois Yang is a highly qualified health professional with an avid interest in Chinese medicine. She received her PhD from the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. She also holds double Master’s degrees in both Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine from RMIT University in Australia and the Gui Zhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China with 1st class honours.

Lois is dedicated to providing holistic care to her patients by restoring harmony through acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. With extensive knowledge in her field, she is interested in all aspects of women’s health including fertility and IVF support, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods, and menopause. Lois is also experienced in stress, pain, fatigue, digestive health, post-stroke recovery support, and other general health concerns. In addition, her participation in a Chinese National Science Program for researching the potential benefits of treating depression with Chinese medicine has resulted in her special interest in depression-related symptoms. Many of Lois’ patients come from word-of-mouth recommendations and she is proud to take care of patients across multiple generations within the same family, who appreciate her holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Lois has received Ping Ming Health’s clinic awards for best feedback from patients, as well as the highest number of successful pregnancies and weight loss cases.

Lois is married, has two beautiful children living in and enjoying the leafy suburbs of Perth. Through the joys of parenthood, she has also developed a strong interest and involvement in children’s health. Lois keeps herself up to date with advances in Chinese medicine to strive for the best outcomes for her patients and their families. In her spare time, Lois is interested in exploring different ingredients to maintain well-being through diet therapy. She also speaks Mandarin and is a member of AACMA and CMASA.

Dr Emily Qi

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Emily Qi is a caring, responsible and friendly practitioner with 27 years of clinical experience. She studied traditional Chinese medicine in Tianjin University and has been a practicing as a hospital physician in China since 1992, as well as in private clinics in the UK and Australia.

Highly experienced in a wide range of general health issues, Emily regularly helps clients who have body pain, digestive health, sleep and stress complaints. One of her key interests is women’s health and Emily is dedicated to the health issues affecting women including irregular periods, fertility IVF support and care during pregnancy.

Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience, Emily strives to deliver the best care to each of her patients. She practises with warmth and compassion to support each person through their health challenges, and towards a healthy and happy life. Emily also speaks Mandarin and is a member of ATMS and FCMA.

Dr Yihan Yang

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Yihan Yang is a caring and committed practitioner who practices with a deep understanding of both Chinese and western medicine. She realises that these two cannot replace one another. Yihan holds a medicine degree from Harbin Medical University in China and completed her internship in a tertiary hospital in Jiangsu Province before setting her sails for Australia. She then trained as a registered nurse and worked in both private and public tertiary teaching hospitals in WA since 2013. During her hospital work, she saw people suffering and in pain and wanted to offer more to help through different approaches, so she pursued further study in traditional Chinese medicine and completed her Masters degree with distinction from RMIT

In her practice, she has worked with clients with common health issues such as, hay feverchronic fatigue syndrome and digestive issues. She is also competent treating women’s health issues ranging from IVF fertility support, painful and irregular menstruation, premenstrual tension to menopausal syndrome. From her clinical years working with specialists in major hospitals, she has a strong interest and thorough insight in treating emotional issues, stress and pain management. Recently, she has started to embrace the trend of cosmetic acupuncture and weight management using acupuncture. In her private life, she is a proud mum of a boy and a goofy 4 legged kid. Yihan also speaks mandarin and is a member of AACMA.

Dr Tai Van

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Tai is a compassionate and generous practitioner. He takes the time to provide Patient Centred Care by working with your GP and other health professionals. He aims to provide a coherent health plan which enables you to achieve higher states of well-being.

Growing up Tai suffered with serve asthma and chronic fatigue. As such, when younger he was unable to pursue and live life to the fullest. At a young age he understood that the greatest wealth is health. The need to take better care for his health led him into the health profession.

In practice, Tai integrates 3,500 years of Chinese medicine wisdom alongside modern evidence-based practices. He has accumulated a diverse range of clinical experience working with industry leaders in Australia and overseas. He takes special interest in mental health and emotional imbalances and dermatology.

Tai has a Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Western Sydney University, Bachelor of Medicine from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine and a background in psychology. He is accredited by all major health funds and is a registered Chinese Medicine herbalist and acupuncturist with AHPRA and AACMA.

Dr Charlene Tsang

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Charlene Tsang is a gentle, thoughtful and friendly practitioner dedicated to a holistic approach to the health and well-being of her patients. She is passionate about incorporating Chinese medicine’s ancient system of balance and harmony into today’s modern setting. Charlene obtained her double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology from RMIT University and also completed an internship at Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine in Nanjing.

Through her exposure to a broad spectrum of illnesses she also treats a wide range of health issues from symptoms of common coldinsomnia, digestive issues to more complex conditions. She has a special interest in women’s health, IVF support for fertility and pain management. In her leisure time you can find her exploring Perth’s cafes or soaking up some sun with a good book. Charlene is a member of AACMA.

Dr Jonalyn Lim

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Jonalyn Lim is a compassionate and gentle practitioner who believes in the interconnectedness of all things. Her life mission and passion is helping other people heal themselves through a holistic and individualised approach that considers the mind, body, and spirit as one in correlation to the environment. She not only looks at the signs and symptoms of an illness, but also strives to find the cause to correct the imbalances at its roots.

With a background in nursing, Jonalyn has a wide experience in general health issues and has special interests in emotional and mental health, trauma and pain managementwomen’s healthpost-stroke rehabilitation and cosmetic acupuncture.

Jonalyn holds a double degree in Bachelor of Health Science & Bachelor of Applied Science (Chinese Medicine) with Distinction from RMIT University. She was also awarded the Chinese Medicine Prize as the best student academically of the Chinese medicine program in her final year. In her spare time, she reads books to expand her knowledge, watches comedy series and studies Mandarin. She is a member of AACMA and also speaks Tagalog-Filipino.

Dr Jasmine Zhao

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Jasmine Zhao is a caring and compassionate Chinese medicine practitioner who is willing to help all patients with a sympathetic heart. She believes Chinese medicine can wake up the inner healing power of the body and help it regain a harmonious balance, both physically and mentally. Jasmine studied Chinese medicine in China at the Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and graduated in 2008. After her Chinese medicine studies, she moved to Australia where she trained and practised as a critical care nurse at tertiary teaching hospitals. From this, she has gained valuable clinical experience from both worlds of Chinese medicine and western medicine.

Jasmine is interested in treating a variety of health issues, ranging from management of pain to skin issues, IVF support for infertility, anxiety and stress-related health issues. She also has a particular interest in helping with immunity and lung issues, including symptoms of hay fever, sinusitis and chronic cough. In her spare time, she loves travelling and practising calligraphy. Jasmine also speaks Mandarin and is a member of CMASA.

Dr Jay Jin

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Jay Jin is a gentle, friendly and compassionate practitioner, who consistently challenges himself to acquire a wide range of knowledge about traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). He aims to help his patients to find out their individual cause of every health concern and create a unique treatment plan based on TCM diagnostic methods to balance their body and organ systems.

Jay is passionate about meeting and communicating with people from different cultures, nationalities and philosophical backgrounds to help them achieve their desired health outcome to physically and mentally cope with the modern-day busy lifestyle. He is particularly interested in helping with pain and emotional issues, which include all sorts of acute and chronic symptoms from body and muscular pain, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. He also cares for women’s health, in addition to pregnancy support and irregular periods.

Jay graduated from Endeavor College of Natural Health and holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture) degree. He also studied remedial massage to gain a deeper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, which enabled him to combine TCM theories to improve circulation. With a background in nursing from China, he has over 3 years of work experience in both China and Korea. Apart from work, he enjoys spending time with his children, camping, playing soccer, playing guitar and reading. Jay is a member of ANTA and he also speaks Mandarin and Korean.

Dr Tykan Bennett

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Dr Tykan Bennett is a gentle, caring, and passionate practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine. He is experienced in many different therapies of Chinese medicine including acupuncture, cupping, scrubbing, and Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions.

Using the above techniques, Tykan has helped patients with a wide range of health issues. He particularly enjoys helping patients with digestive health. It’s his belief that many health issues can be improved when a person has a good appetite and digestion.

Tykan will use acupuncture points to target the cause of your pain or discomfort. His treatment will unblock the channels, improve circulation, and encourage your internal organs to work to their fullest potential. Tykan also has a special interest in assisting with male and female fertility. Working with patients to create new life is incredibly rewarding for him.

In his spare time, Tykan enjoys dancing, playing tennis, and watching comedy. Tykan graduated from Endeavour College of Natural Health, with a Bachelor of Health Science (Acupuncture). For him, the true beauty of Chinese medicine is connecting with others and making a positive change in their life. He is a member of ANTA.

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