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An introduction from our director

Dear students and colleagues,

As a senior practitioner and lecturer of Chinese medicine and acupuncture, I am glad you have discovered Ping Ming Health and come to this section of our website.

Dr Ping Wang

No matter where you are in the world now, you have the opportunity to share the experience of Chinese medicine with our clinic. I believe that through our exchange of experiences, we will deepen our understanding of Chinese medicine and improve our clinical practice together.

I am glad to see Chinese medicine developing throughout the world, and more people practicing Chinese medicine and using this very natural and traditional therapy to improve people’s health and well-being.

I founded Ping Ming Health over 25 years ago, today our clinic is a busy, happy and enjoyable working environment. Each of our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced in their own interests such as fertility, gynaecology, immune disorders, pain, men’s health and more.

We would like to pass on our experience to the next generation of Chinese medicine practitioners, to mentor students and graduates with professional skills to benefit the community.

Students who have successfully received training from our clinic may be offered further work experience at Ping Ming Health. We also welcome new practitioners to join our successful team.

To our interstate and international guests, Perth is well known for its sunny climate, friendly people and relaxed, natural lifestyle. We can also help you to arrange the most suitable accommodation during your stay in Perth.

We look forward to welcoming you to our clinic.

Dr Ping Wang
Clinic Founder & Senior Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Who is our clinical observation and training suitable for?

The clinical observation and training we offer is not only suitable for Chinese medicine practitioners and students, but also for medical, allied and complementary health practitioners who have an interest in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and Chinese massage (Tui Na).

Our clinic offers you the opportunity learn more about Chinese medicine from observing real cases and treatments in our clinic.

Education and training: what does our clinic offer?

To all local, interstate and international visitors, our clinic offers you the opportunity to come to our practice in Perth, Western Australia for clinical observation and training to further your study.

Our clinic currently offers the following range of education and training programs:

  1. A series of workshops and seminars throughout the year which cover TCM theory and clinical practice. Our seminars integrate Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, cupping, scrubbing, massage and diet therapy in the treatment of common diseases.
  2. Our clinic offers TCM students the opportunity to observe our senior practitioners in consultation and treatment, providing additional external student clinic hours. See our Clinical Observation page for more information.
  3. Our Clinic also offers qualified practitioners observation and clinical practice with our senior practitioners, to gain more experience.
  4. If you are looking for a position (full time or part time) as a TCM practitioner, acupuncture or Chinese massage therapist, you are welcome to contact us to apply for a position in our Clinic.
  5. For TCM students, we also have work opportunities available as a clinic assistant.
  6. See our Join Our Team page for more information about work opportunities and requirements.

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