Clinical Observation

Clinical observation and practice at Ping Ming Health

Our clinic offers a clinical observation program for Chinese medicine students and graduate practitioners.

You will be with senior practitioners in the Clinic to observe a consultation, diagnosis and corresponding treatment. Depending on your level of TCM education and experience, you may be involved in some of the treatments during your observation time.

During your time in the Clinic, you will get through many cases, both common and difficult conditions, such as body pain, indigestion, insomnia, menopause, stress, infertility, IVF acupuncture, weight loss, impotence, children’s disorders, internal organ imbalance, and more. From these observations you will gain a great amount of clinical experience and knowledge.

During the observation you will learn about tongue and pulse diagnosis and other Chinese medicine consultation techniques.

Acupuncture: you will learn needling, special needle technique and point location.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: you will learn how to use Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas.

Observation Time: Clinic observation times are flexible. Usually a half day (4 hours) per session. You can find what is comfortable for you and choose how many sessions to participate in.


  • The cost for students is $70 per session.
  • The cost for qualified practitioners is $120 per session.
  • Each observation session is 4 hours.

Register Your Interest
If you are interested in taking up this opportunity please get in touch with us to discuss your individual requirements and arrange your visit.

Call our clinic +61 (8) 9345 2668 during office hours or email us at: with your details and interests. Please address your enquiry to Ping Wang (Director & Senior TCM Practitioner).

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