Keep warm in spring to protect yourself from neck and joint pain

Keep warm in spring to protect yourself from neck and joint pain

This article introduces an ancient traditional Chinese medicine quote to protect yourself from joint pains in springtime.

“Cover up in spring because the spring cold easily affects the bones and joints.”

The nature of spring weather

Spring is regarded as the season of new growth and change, but it is also a very unstable season during which the cold winter changes into a hot summer.

During this season, the temperature starts to fluctuate up and down and these daily changes in temperature also make springtime a very windy season.

Even though the days are getting longer and the spring sun feels warm during the day, the environment of the earth still retains the coldness of winter which has yet to warm up completely.

How and why does spring weather cause body pain?

After a cold winter season, it is popular for people to start taking off their winter clothes to enjoy the warmer weather and sunshine in spring.

However, the spring wind is still very cold in nature and it easily attacks the body’s bones and joints to cause pain.

People are easily caught off guard when the temperature suddenly cools down, or they don’t feel the coldness of the wind under the warmer spring sun.

This is why many pain conditions tend to flare up in springtime.

What can you do to protect yourself in spring?

If you are prone to experiencing joint pains and aches, the following advice will protect your body in spring.

  • Don’t change your wardrobe so quickly in springtime. Keep your winter wear and your scarf with you.
  • Especially avoid exposure to the wind in spring. Avoid staying or sitting in windy areas even though you may be feeling warm in the sunshine.
  • When you go out in the evening don’t forget to take warmer clothing with you.
  • Avoid exposing your body to cold things, including cold water, walking with bare feet and sitting on cold surfaces.

By understanding the nature of the seasons and following this simple advice, you’ll be able to stay healthy and reduce your pain symptoms during spring.

In daily life, the small things you do well will help you to avoid bigger health issues.

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Dr Ping Wang is the clinic founder and senior practitioner of Ping Ming Health. She has over 30 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine teaching and practice. Dr Ping especially enjoys sharing her knowledge of Chinese medicine through our popular clinic articles, seminars and clinical training of students and practitioners.