How to keep your body cool and balanced in summer?

It is very helpful to know how hot and dry weather affects your body, so that you can recognise symptoms of overheating and keep your body balanced in summer. Especially in Western Australia, summers are hot, dry and windy with very little rain. The following organs and symptoms are most commonly affected by the hot summer weather. Which internal organs […]

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Bitter gourd and diabetes

Bitter gourd is a vegetable that is tender green and long with seeds in the middle and is very juicy with a bitter taste. Hence its name bitter gourd. If it is over-mature it will become a yellow/red colour and less bitter. Bitter gourd is very popular in many dishes in Southern China and South […]

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Winter melon and odema

I remember a special dish called “Dong gua zhong” winter-melon pot, which is very popular in Kan Tong South of China. Nearly 30 years ago, I visited this place when it was during a hot and damp season. Local people would eat winter-melon pot all the time to balance the body against the hot and […]

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