What is Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine?

Tongue diagnosis is a very traditional and effective method which has been used to diagnose diseases for over two thousand years. Knowledge of tongue diagnosis is one of the unique treasures of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In this article I am going to share with you knowledge about tongue diagnosis. It will be a very […]

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Chinese Medicine Diagnosis (Part IV): Palpation

Palpation in Chinese medicine diagnosis includes two parts: general palpation of the body in the affected area and palpation of the pulse on the radial artery near the wrist. 1. What is general palpation of the body? This is the diagnosis method in which the practitioner uses their hands or fingers to palpate the affected […]

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Chinese Medicine Diagnosis (Part III): Questioning

Questioning or Interrogation is where the Chinese medicine practitioner collects information about your condition and your body through asking questions. Through the questions the practitioner will ask about your current symptoms, as well as the history of the symptoms, the onset and development of your condition and your treatment history, your family history, lifestyle, living […]

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Chinese Medicine Diagnosis (Part I): Observation

Observational diagnosis is one of the four diagnosis methods used in Chinese medicine. Observational diagnosis consists of: observing the spirit, colour, body form; observing the tongue, face, five senses and skin; observing what is eliminated or secreted from the body. Some of these are not directly observed in the clinic but information about urine, stools […]

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