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Acupuncture handOur clinical training programs are designed by Ping Ming Health’s experienced senior practitioners to bridge the gap between university education and clinical practice.

The Academy uses clinical teaching and mentoring methods which have been proven with Ping Ming Health’s past and present practitioners.

We currently offer clinical training and educational programs suitable for the following students:

i) Fast-Track Program for Australian Graduate TCM Practitioners
We can offer you the unique opportunity to observe a professional acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine clinic. You’ll rapidly improve your experience and clinical skills such as TCM diagnosis, treatment methods, herbal dispensing and patient communication in a busy clinical setting. It will help to increase your confidence with your own clients. Our Fast-Track Programs offer intensive clinical experience and mentoring to new graduates that would otherwise take years to obtain.

ii) International Program for TCM Practitioners and Students
Our international program is the best introductory pathway for foreign-trained practitioners and students who are interested in experiencing the practice of TCM in Australia. This program offers successful candidates a solid foundation in the professional practice of Chinese medicine and opens the door to future Chinese medicine employment opportunities in Australia. You’ll improve your English proficiency in a busy Australian TCM clinic and learn how to practice Chinese medicine effectively in a different population, environmental and cultural context. Students will also gain a great amount of successful clinical experience and knowledge in both common and difficult conditions, such as body pain, indigestion, insomnia, menopause, stress, infertility, IVF support, children’s disorders and more.

想了解中医是如何在澳大利亚执业的吗?对于在海外培训(澳洲以外) 的中医医师和学生而言,我们的国际培训课程无疑是最好的入门途径。该课程为广大学生提供了一个专业的中医临床实践基地,并开启了一扇通向澳洲就业的大门。 置身于繁忙的澳大利亚中医诊所中,你的英语水平将会突飞猛进。在 Ping Ming Health 众家诊所的实习中,不仅使你了解中医是如何针对治疗不同的人群、环境和文化背景来有效的治疗各种疾病,同时您还可以 获得众多常见病和疑难病的成功治疗经验,例如:不孕症、IVF支持疗法、各种痛症、应激状态、抑郁、失眠、胃肠功能紊乱、皮肤疾病以及各种儿科常见病等等。

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