International Program 国际培训课程

Ping Ming Health Academy’s International Program offers international students the best introductory pathway to experience Chinese medicine practice in Australia.

Ping Ming Health 澳洲中医针灸学院国际培训课程是广大海外中医学生了解和认识澳洲中医的一个最佳途径,为优秀的毕业生提供一个在澳洲接触临床和积累临床经验的基地,并有在澳注册中医并执业的机会。

InternationalThis program offers successful graduates a strong foundation in the professional practice of Chinese medicine in Australia and opens the door to future Chinese medicine employment opportunities.

This program is suitable for:
International students who are undertaking or have completed a degree of Chinese medicine (TCM) outside of Australia.

Program duration: 3 or 6 months.

Course code 课程代码: 113M
3 months, 360 hours 三个月,共计360小时;
6 hours per day, 5 days per week 每天6小时,/
Course code 课程代码: 116M
6 months, 600 hours 六个月共计600小时;
5 hours per day, 5 days per week 每天5小时,5/

Program structure & teaching language:

  • 50% clinical observation and experience Ping Ming Health的诊室临床观摩和学习;
  • 30% theory lectures and seminars 中医理论和讲座;
  • 20% case studies 病例讨论.

The teaching language is in English, with language assistance available for Mandarin Chinese speakers.
教学语言的使用: 英语。如有需要或提供中文辅助。

Completion of this program will help you to:
学后益处:  在学习的过程,你会有以下的收获和机会

1. Improve your professional communication skills with patients, and substantially improve your English proficiency for non-English speakers.

2. Enhance your theoretical knowledge and practical skills of TCM through lectures and tutorials.

3. Gain more experience and confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

4. Gain experience in the management of complicated and difficult cases.

5. Learn from real cases and patients of all ages and backgrounds by undertaking clinical observation in the Ping Ming Health teaching clinic.
通过在Ping Ming Health各诊所的观摩和学习过程中,认识并接触各年龄各种不通文化背景的病人的真实病例。

6. Observe the integrated practice of acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine and tui-na massage for the treatment of common diseases.

7. Learn how to practice Chinese medicine effectively to suit the Australian population, environment and cultural context.

8. Be prepared and confident to seek future Chinese medicine employment opportunities in Australia.

9. Understand the Australian health care system and experience the unique Western Australian lifestyle.

Other important information:

Our programs include nationally accredited first aid and CPR training (1 day course) for all international students.

We can help you to arrange suitable accommodation in Perth if you require.

Medical insurance is required for all international students and should cover the entire period of your intended stay in Australia.

To practice Chinese medicine in Australia, practitioners must meet all registration requirements of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.

Ensure a great start to your future career in Chinese medicine:

Successful graduates will receive a certificate and reference from Ping Ming Health Academy upon completion of the program.
顺利完成课程的毕业生将获得由Ping Ming Health颁发的学习证书以及给将来工作雇主的推荐信。

Distinguished graduates may be offered future employment opportunities at Ping Ming Health.
优秀毕业生有被Ping Ming Health公司雇佣的工作机会。

You will also have the opportunity to experience the Western Australian lifestyle and explore local attractions in your free time.

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