Fast-Track Program

Our Fast-Track Program transitions new graduates into confident and successful future practitioners with intensive clinical experience that otherwise takes years to acquire alone.

Fast TrackYou’ll rapidly improve your clinical experience and professional skills by observing in a busy Chinese medicine clinic while learning from Ping Ming Health’s experienced team of practitioners and clinic assistants.

Successful graduates will be prepared with valuable workplace skills to practice collaboratively in a team-based environment.

This program is suitable for:
Recent graduates of Chinese medicine programs in Australia approved by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.

Program duration: 3 or 6 months.

Course code: 103M
3 months, 100 hours;
8 hours per week, flexible hours
Course code: 106M
6 months, 600 hours;
5 hours per day, 5 days per week

Program structure:

  • 50% clinical observation and experience;
  • 30% theory lectures and seminars;
  • 20% case studies.

Completion of this program will help you to:

1. Improve your professional communication skills with patients.

2. Enhance your theoretical knowledge and practical skills of TCM through lectures and tutorials.

3. Gain more experience and confidence in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases.

4. Gain experience in the management of complicated and difficult cases.

5. Learn from real cases and patients of all ages and backgrounds by undertaking clinical observation in the Ping Ming Health teaching clinic.

6. Observe the integrated practice of acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine and tui-na massage for the treatment of common diseases.

7. Be ready and confident to practice Chinese medicine in Australia.

The right step towards your future career in Chinese medicine:

Successful graduates will receive a certificate and reference from Ping Ming Health Academy upon completion of the program.

Distinguished graduates may be offered future employment opportunities at Ping Ming Health.

Your experience at Ping Ming Health will ensure a great start to your future career.

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