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Kidney Deficiency: which symptoms show that your Kidney function is weak?

The Kidneys are very important organs for the body according to traditional Chinese medicine. They are located on both sides of your lower back. This article introduces the Chinese medicine theory of the Kidney organ system and what Chinese medicine practitioners look for when diagnosing a Kidney Deficiency syndrome. How does Chinese medicine view the Kidneys? […]

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Physically and emotionally imbalance after labour and acupuncture

What is physically and emotionally imbalance after labour? How can it be prevented and assisted with acupuncture and Chinese medicine? In recent years, imbalance after labour has affected more and more women. It not only affects the physical and psychological aspects of mothers themselves, but also affects their families and the care of their new-born […]

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How to Maintain a Healthy Pregnancy (Part I): The First Trimester

Do you know how Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine maintains health during pregnancy with lifestyle and diet? In my many years of clinical experience, I have realised that many pregnancy issues such as miscarriages and problems with the baby’s development, together with the health of both mother and baby after delivery, are due to unsuitable […]

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