Winter food diet therapy

In this article I want to teach you how important food can be for nourishing and supporting your body in winter. What is tonifying food? Chinese medicine considers food which we eat as being highly nutritious which has certain effects on the body such as tonifying yin and yang, qi and blood. When you eat […]

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Lamb: Warm Your Kidney Yang in Winter

Western Australia’s lamb is world-renowned, flavoursome, tasty and tender. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lamb has very good health promoting properties. It is warm in nature, it invigorates yang, especially kidney to benefit the Qi and warm blood circulation. Before we talk about lamb I will introduce you to Kidney Yang. 1. What is Kidney […]

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Cabbage and circulation around the joints

Cabbage is a very popular vegetable throughout the world and it is available in every season. Cabbage is available in purple and white. Many families eat cabbage a few times a week. Did you know, Traditional Chinese Medicine highly recommends eating cabbage as it greatly benefits your health. 1. Health effects of Cabbage Chinese Medicine, […]

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