Is premenstrual breast tenderness and pain normal?

Premenstrual breast tenderness and pain are not normal physical symptoms for women. Most women do not understand these abnormal symptoms and pay no attention to it, assuming that it’s normal. Some women even think it is just a sign of early pregnancy. These symptoms may also be diagnosed by your GP as fibroadenosis or fibrocystic breast […]

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How to prevent or reduce period pain

How to prevent or reduce period pain Many women seek medical attention due to period pain. Menstruation is an important female physiological process. The monthly period is able to promote metabolism, enhance the waist/hip area, uterus and ovaries and promote blood circulation of the whole body. Period pain is a common symptom with endometriosis, polycystic […]

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Peach and period pain

1. What is Period Pain? Period pain is a very common women’s disease and can happen to any woman who menstruates.  Usually due to the period, the woman’s body can feel uncomfortable with abdominal tenderness, bloating and mild pain all of which is bearable and does not affect her living, study or work life. If […]

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