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“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants

Launching in July 2019…

Ping Ming Health offers both graduate and established Chinese medicine practitioners the opportunity to grow and expand your private practice in partnership with our clinic.

Over the past decade, our team led by Dr Ping Wang has successfully trained and developed the post-graduate careers of more Chinese medicine practitioners than any other private clinic in Australia.

Our strong track record is due to the culture of teamwork within our clinics where knowledge and experience is shared with new members of our team.

Holding Hands

Clinical training is part of our DNA

Ping Ming Health was founded by senior practitioner Dr Ping Wang in 1992. She has lectured and mentored students of Chinese medicine during her entire career in both China and Australia.

Every Ping Ming Health practitioner receives intensive clinical training and ongoing mentoring by Dr Wang and her senior practitioner team.

Benefit from our experience in the business of Chinese medicine

In 2019, Ping Ming Health is expanding our ability to also share our successful business experience with Australia’s Chinese medicine profession.

We have the combined management experience of operating 9 Chinese medicine practices across both coasts of Australia.

What this really means is that we’ve encountered nearly every problem, made the mistakes and solved many problems along the way that practice owners struggle with or will face.

By joining our team, we can help you with a proven solution to these problems not just consulting or advice.

Most practitioners naturally want to focus on caring for their patients, not managing their business

Chinese medicine practitioners starting out on their own face the same challenges as Australia’s 1.2 million small business owners.

More than 60 per cent of Australian small businesses fail within their first three years, and it explains why there is a very high attrition rate for new practitioners in their first few years of practice.

“I don’t know anybody who says, Gee, it was easier than I thought.” — Peter Strong, CEO Council of Small Business Organisations.

It’s because practitioners study medicine, not business.

What we have to offer is a way to help you spend most of your time and energy on practicing Chinese medicine and caring for your patients, not managing your business.

Over the past decade…

We’ve seen bright and caring Chinese medicine graduates lose faith in their chosen career because of a lack of support and leave the industry.

We’ve seen solo practitioners who struggle to see enough patients and can’t afford to take holidays from their own practice.

We’ve seen successful and busy practitioners afraid to expand their practice because it’s too risky and hard to manage other staff.

We’ve seen skilled practitioners become over-burdened with the responsibilities of managing their business and burn out.

We don’t want to see any more promising Chinese medicine practitioners struggle, give up or burn out.

Who we can help

We can work with solo practitioners, single and multi-clinic practices.

Commencing in 2019 to 2020, we can work with practitioners located in Melbourne and Sydney metropolitan regions, with further locations to be announced.

Ahead of the launch of our program in July 2019, you can contact our Managing Director Jinnan Cai for further information.

Dr Jinnan Cai
Managing Director & Chinese Medicine Practitioner

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