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AboutPing Ming Health is one of the best teams providing Traditional Chinese Medicine healthcare in Australia.

Our Academy in Perth, Western Australia offers clinical experience and training to Chinese medicine students and practitioners worldwide.

The principal of the Academy and clinic director, Ping Wang, has over 30 years clinical and teaching experience. As well as training Ping Ming Health’s team of practitioners, she has mentored numerous graduates to become successful practitioners. Ping is also an external clinic supervisor of RMIT University’s postgraduate Chinese medicine students.

Ping Ming Health Academy’s advantage comes from our clinic-oriented training programs. Our students have the opportunity to learn real-world clinical skills and gain work experience from a professional, busy and team-based clinic environment.

All students of the Academy are trained according to the high clinical standards expected of Ping Ming Health practitioners – to provide expert treatment, friendly service and compassionate care to patients from all walks of life.

Students will also experience Ping Ming Health’s unique culture of teamwork that supports our staff in their ability to achieve the best clinical outcomes for our patients.

Successful graduates of Ping Ming Health Academy are highly valued by employers and gain the confidence needed to become successful Chinese medicine practitioners capable of working both independently and collaboratively in private practice.

Ping Ming Health是澳大利亚最出色的中医团队之一 。


王萍,Ping Ming Health中医针灸学院校长暨诊所主任,拥有超过30年在中国和澳洲的临床和教学经验。她指导过的众多的毕业生已成为了成功的中医师。她不仅从事Ping Ming Health工作团队的培训,同时也是皇家墨尔本理工大学中医针灸专业的校外临床针灸指导老师。

Ping Ming Health中医针灸学院的优势,在于我们的培训是以临床为导向的培训课程。我们的学生有机会在真实的诊疗环境以及团队合作中,学习临床技能并获得宝贵的工作经验。

我们的学生,将根据对Ping Ming Health 从业者的执业高标准来进行临床陪训—如何为来自各行各业的患者提供专业的治疗,以及友好的服务和人文关怀。

学生们还将体验到Ping Ming Health的员工,在独特团队合作的支持下,是如何为给予患者最佳治理效果而付出最大努力的 。

Ping Ming Health中医针灸学院成功的毕业生,用人单位均给予了高度评价。通过培训,学生们增强了自信心,为将来能在澳洲成为一名既能独立工作,又有良好团队协作能力的执业中医师迈出了坚实的一步 。

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