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Prawn is a good food, its flesh is plentiful and fresh, rich in nutrition and most people enjoy eating prawns. Good species of prawns often fetch high prices within the market place. Prawns have good benefits according to the ancient records of Chinese medicine treatment.

In winter the diet should reinforce and strengthen the Kidney and Spleen energy and warm the Yang part of the body.

This is important because the Kidneys and Yang energy in the body can be easily depleted by the coldness and dampness of winter. This leads to a Yang deficiency or lack of warmth in the body.

Signs and symptoms include dull back ache, cold hands and feet, intolerance to the cold, frequent urination and going to the toilet at night, bloating, decreased energy levels, decreased libido, waking up early (eg. 5am), weak or sore knees and loose bowel movements.

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