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Hair Loss and Slow Hair Growth

Hair protects the head and scalp and can dispel or preserve heat, depending on the season. Everybody desires healthy hair, but some people have hair which is loose, damaged or slow growing. Some people are born bald, and others with a full head of hair. In this article, I will share the Chinese medicine view […]

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What is tinnitus (ear ringing)? What is it caused by?

Many people are bothered by tinnitus. They have undergone many tests but still can’t find the reason why they have this condition. From my clinical experience and according to Chinese medicine theory, some cases of tinnitus can be associated with internal organ disorder and certain channels being blocked. In this article I would like to […]

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Lamb: Warm Your Kidney Yang in Winter

Western Australia’s lamb is world-renowned, flavoursome, tasty and tender. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that lamb has very good health promoting properties. It is warm in nature, it invigorates yang, especially kidney to benefit the Qi and warm blood circulation. Before we talk about lamb I will introduce you to Kidney Yang. 1. What is Kidney […]

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