Digestive Health

Apple and lung function

Apple is one of the most commonly eaten fruits and it is available in all seasons. There are many different types of apples on the market depending on the time of year or season or place. Generally, apple is sour and sweet in taste and cooling in nature. Apples have many health benefits for the […]

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Why you can feel full after eating small amounts

In Chinese medicine theory the Spleen organ is primarily responsible for the digestion of food and fluids. When food is consumed the Spleen transforms it into energy (Qi) and transports this energy to the other organs and parts of the body. If the Spleen function is normal, the digestion will be good, with a good […]

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How does Chinese medicine think about constipation and unhealthy bowel movement?

Chinese medicine views that a normal bowel movement should occur once or twice a day and be relatively easy to pass. The stool will ideally be formed without being too hard or dry and any smell should be mild. There should be no pain or burning when passing the stool and it should not contain […]

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