Digestive Health

How to maintain healthy skin and what causes skin disorders?

The human skin is the body’s largest organ. Almost everyone has experienced skin problem. Some skin diseases are acute that quickly resolve themselves whilst others come and go. Some are chronic and remain even after several years or decades. Common skin diseases are hives, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, pimples/acne, shingles, nervous stimulated skin inflammation and dry […]

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What does your abnormal stool mean?

In my clinic, when clients come to see me for a check-up we usually ask about the condition of their bowel movements. This is a very important question to ask during a traditional Chinese medicine consultation. Chinese medicine considers that stool is an excretion which can help ascertain the body’s health. Through this we can […]

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The importance of eating in a healthy environment

In my clinical experience, many people suffer from indigestion. After my traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, I find that some of these people have digestion problems as a result of their eating habits. Generally when people have indigestion they may have the following symptoms: after eating the stomach feels full, bloated, uncomfortable or painful. Burping, heart […]

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Health is not just the absence of illness,it's a philosophy of life.