Children’s Health

How does Chinese medicine think about constipation and unhealthy bowel movement?

Chinese medicine views that a normal bowel movement should occur once or twice a day and be relatively easy to pass. The stool will ideally be formed without being too hard or dry and any smell should be mild. There should be no pain or burning when passing the stool and it should not contain […]

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Case study: ceased growth of eye lashes

Male, 16 years of age with ceased growth of eye lashes. First clinical consultation From the age of 4 years the growth of his eye lashes ceased. He had approached numerous options and many years of medical treatments to no avail, which brought about inconveniences to his lifestyle. Clinical symptoms Pale face, thinly built, lethargy, […]

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Blood and iron deficiency in children

From a Chinese medicine perspective, blood and iron deficiency is a common problem in children and it can occur in children aged 6 months to 12 years old. With an accurate diagnosis, Chinese Medicine can assist with this problem. In Chinese Medicine theory, the Spleen organ makes the blood from the food and fluid that […]

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