Why you can feel full after eating small amounts

Why you can feel full after eating small amounts

In Chinese medicine theory the Spleen organ is primarily responsible for the digestion of food and fluids. When food is consumed the Spleen transforms it into energy (Qi) and transports this energy to the other organs and parts of the body. If the Spleen function is normal, the digestion will be good, with a good appetite and regular bowel movements.

If the Spleen function is impaired or weak there may be problems with digestion. This can result in symptoms such as quickly feeling full after eating small amounts, poor appetite, abdominal bloating, loose stools, lack of energy and sugar cravings.

In Chinese medicine theory the Spleen function can be damaged or weakened by a variety of causes.

  • Diet imbalance
  • Eating too many raw or cold foods, such as salads and ice cream
  • Eating at irregular times and excessive eating
  • Too many cold drinks at once

These eating patterns can lead to a decrease in the transforming function of the Spleen, resulting in symptoms such as puffiness and swelling in the body.

Excessive thinking or studying and overwork can cause the Liver organ to be stressed and put pressure on the Spleen organ, resulting in poor appetite and abdominal bloating.

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