What foods should be eaten in summer?

What foods should be eaten in summer?

It is common knowledge that diet plays a very important role in maintaining good health. Traditional Chinese medicine takes into account the various flavours (eg. sweet, sour, bitter, salty) and natures (eg. cool, cold, warm, hot) of all foods and sees that various foods should be eaten according to each individual’s body type.

In choosing which foods to eat, consideration also needs to be made of the season and climate at the time and its potential effects on the body.

In summer, the weather is mostly hot and dry. This type of climate will generally affect the heart and lungs and can disrupt their normal functions giving rise to symptoms such as dry skin and hair, rashes, itchy skin, dry stools, constipation, dry lips, heart palpitations and red and burning eyes.

To avoid the body from being affected by the heat and dryness it is important to eat foods of a cooling and moistening nature. Some of these foods are as follows:

  • Watermelon
  • Celery
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Coconut
  • Kiwi Fruit
  • Paw paw
  • Mung Beans
  • Green tea
  • Peppermint tea
  • Chrysanthemum tea

During summer it is also wise to avoid eating foods that are warming and drying in nature such as chilli, garlic, curries, etc, which combined with the climatic effects can worsen any developing condition due to heat and dryness in the body.

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