Venison, organ weakness and lack of energy

Venison, organ weakness and lack of energy

In ancient times, in Northern China, the emperor family hunted deer in the forest which is a very popular event that brought joy to the empire. Deer is not only hunted but they enjoy the deer as a delicacy, usually the wealthy chinese could enjoy the meat in the past as it was very rare and expensive.
An ancient emperor eats more venison, as it contains high nutrition. Many old Chinese books highly recommend venison being good for the body. Now everyone can enjoy venison to help strengthen and balance the body, especially during winter.

1. Health effects of venison

i) Balance and strengthen the major five organs

One very old popular Chinese book called “Ben cao gong mu” records this. All parts of the deer are used to tonify the body. Another traditional book called “Shi liao ben cao” records venison as strengthening the body, balancing of the five major organs and to improve circulation. Another ancient chinese herbal book called “Yi lin zaun yao” records venison as tonifying the spleen and stomach, nourish blood and Qi, strengthening body yang and essence. Chinese medicine considers the main cause of fatigue syndrome is strongly associated with weakness of the five organs.

Due to the effects of the deer, it is suitable to eat for the following people.

Weak kidneys: People who suffer from kidney Qi and kidney yang deficiency may have the following lower back, cold feet and knees, knee and leg pain, especially those who’s pain intensifies upon activities puffy ankles, lack of energy, frequent urination in the evening, early waking, early onset of menopause, impotence or lowered libido.

Weak spleen (indigestion): Those who suffer from spleen and stomach function weakness. These people can experience diarrhea, poor appetite, bloating especially after eating, discomfort in the stomach after eating cold things. If there is a long term weakness of the spleen some may have under-reactive thyroid or anemia.

Heart and lung weakness: People who have weaker lung or heart function may have the following; short of breath, lethargy, pallor, palpitations, tightness in the chest, cold hands and feet, lowered immune system (easy to get cold or flu).

Liver, blood deficiency: Usually these people experience insomnia, vivid dreams, very emotional, depression, joint pain and tightness, dry and tired eyes. 

If you have any of the symptoms above, I suggest that while you are undergoing treatment, you can eat a certain amount of venison to help improve your condition.

ii) Help to warming the circulation and joints

Venison has warm characteristics thus having warming effects on the circulation. It is suitable for the following symptoms such as; cold hands and feet, aversion to cold, diarrhea, joint pain (more prominent in the winter or on a cold day). This is why venison is very popular to eat during winter and on a cold day.

iii) Help to tonify’s blood and produce breast milk

As venison can help digestion, produce Qi and blood; eating it can help to restore Qi and blood, and increase the production of milk after labour quickly.

iv) Strengthening kidney yang and improving sex drive

Those who suffer from impotence or sexual function disorder which is associated with kidney yang and kidney Qi deficiency. These people not only have a lowered sex drive by they have associated symptoms of tiredness, lower back pain, insomnia, awoken early, early onset of menopause, puffy legs and ankles and pain in heel. I suggest that while you are undergoing treatment, you can eat venison to support your treatment and improve your condition.

As venison has warm and tonifying characteristics, if your constitution belongs to cold or deficiency, venison will balance your body. Especially in the winter time as it warms your circulation.

2. Recipe

i) Stir fried venison with ginger and onions
50 grams of venison – diced
2 Pieces of ginger – chopped finely
3 Tblsp spring onion – chopped
2 Tblsp olive oil

Stirfry all the ingredients with the oil on a medium heat until the meat is well cooked. At the end of cooking you can add soya sauce and salt to taste. 

You can eat this 2 or 3 times a week as required.

Effects: Balance the five organs; tonify Qi and blood

3. Precautions

i) Due to the characteristics of venison, I suggest that those with the following conditions should avoid eating venison. Body having a heat conditions such as red eyes, constipation, dark urination, heart burn, ulcer in the mouth, fever, infection in the body.

ii) If you are unsure whether to eat or avoid venison or how much to eat please consult a TCM practitioner.


Dr Ping Wang is the clinic founder and senior practitioner of Ping Ming Health. She has over 30 years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine teaching and practice. Dr Ping especially enjoys sharing her knowledge of Chinese medicine through our popular clinic articles, seminars and clinical training of students and practitioners.