My skin disease has recovered but why does it easily relapse?

My skin disease has recovered but why does it easily relapse?

The human skin is the body’s largest organ. There are a significant number of individuals who contract skin diseases. Some skin diseases are acute in nature that quickly resolve themselves whilst others come and go. Some are chronic in nature and remain even after several years or decades. Commonly encountered skin diseases include hives, rashes, dermatitis, eczema, pimples/acne, nervous stimulated skin inflammation and dry skin.

Chinese medicine believes that although skin diseases are manifested on the skin, their disease origin is related to dysfunctions of certain internal organs. Therefore, the reasons that influence the functions of internal organs has a direct correlation to the health of the skin, all of which can affect the relapse of skin diseases.

The corresponding internal organs relating to the skin’s health are: Lungs, Liver, Large Intestine, Kidneys and Blood circulation (blood “heat” and blood stagnation).

One should observe logic and moderation in their diet to avoid creating imbalances between internal organs, thereby preventing the onset of opportunistic skin diseases.

During food consumption one should avoid eating or eat less hot, spicy and oily food, drink less alcohol (especially strong spirits), avoid or eat less shelled seafood. These foods can easily promote “heat” of the Intestines, Liver and Lungs, resulting in Blood “heat”, allowing the “heat” to be “steamed” through the skin causing a relapse of old illnesses.

Mood swings also have an enormous influence on the skin. Chinese medicine believes the seven moods (joy, anger, worry, yearning, sorrow, fear, and fright) play a vital contribution to the origin of disease onset. Especially through chronic stimulations of feelings of anger and sorrow which adversely affect the function of the Liver resulting in nervous tension. At the same time, because the Liver has the importance of both digestion and toxin removal functions, if the function of the Liver is weak, it will also weaken the digestive ability, thereby allowing the Intestines to accumulate toxins and build up “heat”, leading to the expression of toxins by the skin and relapse of old illnesses.

Try to avoid bad stimulation of skin. Firstly, one should avoid prolonged exposure to the strong intensity of the sun’s rays. You can use your favorite method to conceal and protect your skin. Secondly, avoid using very hot water to shower or bathe, because hot water will cause the skin to be dry and encourage Blood “heat”, thereby injuring the skin metabolism and relapse of old illnesses. One should be cautious about choosing and using external oil applications. Avoid oils that are incompatible to your skin type. How would one know? Easy. First apply the oil on a small portion of your skin, if after a few days the feeling/sensation is good, you can then slowly expand the area of use.

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