How to prevent or reduce period pain

How to prevent or reduce period pain

How to prevent or reduce period pain

Many women seek medical attention due to period pain. Menstruation is an important female physiological process. The monthly period is able to promote metabolism, enhance the waist/hip area, uterus and ovaries and promote blood circulation of the whole body. Period pain is a common symptom with endometriosis, polycystic ovaries (PCOS), irregular period and infertility.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that during the monthly period, one should reduce the penetration of cold, such as eating cold food, bathing in cold water, swimming and coming in contact with cold surfaces. Any cold penetration can cause blood vessels to constrict, causing menstrual blood to stagnate and not be fully flushed from the body leading to a build-up of blood clots. This can result in period pain and cause the menstrual blood to change from a brown to black colour, as well as blood clots leading to formation of the stagnation in the lower abdominal area. If left untreated, the blood clots will accumulate leading to headaches, lower extremity pain and painful waist/hips or even endometriosis, fibrosis and cysts in abdominal area.

During the monthly period, one should avoid heavy and excessive exercises, in order to preserve one’s strength and fluid balance. This is because individuals who menstruate can result in an unusually high loss of blood and fluid balance. Therefore, one should drink more warm water, eat more high protein food and to rest plenty to allow the monthly period to successfully run its course and reduce unnecessary pain.

During the monthly period, one should preserve a good mood and to prevent onset of anger or frustration because the mental state of an individual can affect their blood circulation, leading to uneven menstrual blood discharge.

The way traditional Chinese medicine uses to discover your cause of period pain is taking pulse and tongue diagnosis to find out internal organs imbalance. Those without symptoms of period pain could take preventative measures, those with symptoms of period pain could seek health or medical help such as acupuncture.



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