What fruits to eat to reduce symptoms of drunkeness?

What fruits to eat to reduce symptoms of drunkeness?

One would say, alcohol is very tempting, regardless of being in a big banquet or a small gathering, or at one’s table one would hardly avoid the presence of alcohol, especially during festive seasons. Experts already proven: small consumption of alcohol is beneficial to the body; excessive consumption is detrimental to one’s health. Moderate consumption of red wine aids with improvement to blood circulation, helps with digestion and even reduces blood sugar.

Excessive consumption of alcohol will adversely damage the normal functioning of the liver, impedes normal functioning of brain cells, causing constriction and expansion of the heart, leading to exhaustion and causing the heart’s function to be irregular, if one consume excessive alcohol in an empty stomach it will damage the stomach lining, leading to gastric ulcer, gastric pain and reflux.

Below, I wish to share some suggestions with everyone, these methods can help you avoid or reduce the damaging effects of alcohol to the body, and quickly help excrete the alcohol from the body.

1, Rapid excretion of alcohol from urine (watermelon): because the effects of alcohol causes the human body to excrete limited urine, causing a long alcohol retention within the body, resulting in free radicals causing chronic damage to the body, because the retained alcohol is unable to be rapidly excreted, resulting in alcohol becoming a toxic store leading to drunkenness. Watermelon has an excellent diuretic property; it can quickly clear the alcohol from the urine. Therefore I suggest eat more watermelon pre and post alcoholic consumption.

2, Protecting the gastric and toxic neutralizing banana: ancient Chinese medical treatise (Ben Cao Gang Mu) recorded, banana can help to remove alcoholic poisoning, because it can detoxify the large intestine, aids digestive and liver function, thereby eliminating the alcohol poisons through bowel movement. Especially those with gastric disease should avoid or reduce alcohol consumption. During alcohol consumption one can eat some bananas to help reduce the alcoholic injury to your stomach.

3, Hangover fruits such as apples, oranges, mandarins and tomatoes: if you are really drunk or half drunk, the above four fruits can help you regain consciousness from alcoholic effects. The best method is to juice the above four fruits with watermelon (or either two of the above fruits); consume the juice for rapid absorption into the gastrointestinal tract to quicken detoxification, reducing alcoholic damage to the brain cells.

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