Men’s sexual function and Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine considers that the strength or weakness of men’s sexual function is associated with the energy of certain internal organs. We always check where the imbalance of organs is occurring. Men’s sexual function such as erection difficulty and sperm quality low is not only a personal health issue, it can also affect confidence, relationships and family. Men’s sexual function difficulty is a common part of impotence symptoms.


I remember nearly 20 years ago, a middle-aged man came to see me who was soon to re-marry but was suffering from impotence. He was very worried and very stressed about his sexual function issue. After a few weeks treatment with Chinese medicine and acupuncture his sexual function returned to normal and he was really happy. His renewed confidence was obvious when I saw him. He said to me, “Your treatment has made me become a young man!”

1. The Causes of Sexual Function Difficulty

i) Kidney weakness (especially Kidney Qi, Kidney Yang and Kidney Essence)
The Kidneys are one of the major organs to dominate the body’s sexual function, development and reproduction. If the Kidney function, balance or energy is good then the body’s sexual function will be strong. If you have Kidney weakness syndrome you should have the following symptoms as well: lower libido, lack of energy, weakness or pain in the lower back, light sleeping or waking very early, frequent urination during the night, puffy or heavy body. Some of the middle-aged men can get the earlier stages of prostate changes, such as enlargement or difficult urination.

ii) Liver Disorder & Stress
More and more often men’s sexual function disorders are strongly associated with our fast-paced society, work and social demands which become increasingly stressful. This state of stress restricts the flow of the Liver channel which travels through the pubic area and reproductive organs. When the Liver is affected by stress and the Liver channel is unable to flow smoothly through these areas, sexual dysfunction and disorders of the reproductive organs can become an issue. The stress can also come from other areas of life, including relationships and family.

I remember a couple who came to see me to start a family. During the treatment, every time the wife was due for ovulation, the husband was very stressed and unable to perform with healthy sexual function. Since we balanced and strengthened his Liver, this issue resolved.

If you have a Liver disorder, you will also have the following symptoms: depression, emotional or irritable, difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, frequent dreams, abdominal bloating, sluggish bowel movement, headache, migraines or stiff neck. Some of these cases can combine with the following diseases: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, blood test shows abnormal Liver function.

iii) Old Injury (Blood Stagnation) around Waist Area
There are several Channels and Kidneys located around the lower back and abdominal area. These Channels and Organs flow the energy to strongly support men’s sexual organs. If there is Blood Stagnation from and old injury stuck in these Channels, it will affect the flow of the circulation which is then the cause of the impotence. These cases often have the following symptoms as well: chronic lower back and hip pain and weakness of the lower back.

iv) Other Causes
Some other causes of men’s sexual dysfunction include over-doing things, being overweight, diabetes, under active thyroid.


2. How Does Chinese Medicine Help Sexual Function Difficulty

i) First of all we need to help you find out your individual cause of impotence. We always check you by our traditional diagnosis method, such as tongue, pulse, signs and symptoms.

ii) Following your cause, we will choose a suitable treatment principle for you. The treatment may be acupuncture, Chinese medicine, cupping or meridian massage. During the treatment we will not only help your sexual function, we will also balance your whole body and improve your symptoms like those we mentioned above.

3. Diet & Lifestyle to Improve Your Sexual Function

i) Suitable Exercise
Chinese Medicine considers that movement can increase the body’s Yang, especially the Kidney Yang. I suggest the most suitable exercise is in comfortable sunshine – walking, running, swimming, playing ball games.

ii) Enough Sleep & Reduce Stress Level
Make sure you have enough hours of quality sleep – I recommend at least 7 hours per night, preferably beginning before 11.00 pm. Organise your working time and make sure you’re not too stressed.

iii) Protect Your Lower Back
Make sure your lower back has good circulation without pain. If you are experiencing pain or poor circulation, please have this resolved as soon as possible. Avoid coldness on the lower back. The Chinese have a saying: “the health of the lower back is very important for men.”

iv) Recommended Foods to Eat
Prunes, lamb, scallop, sea cucumber, chives, onion, walnuts, chestnuts, goji berries. For more detail about diet please check my diet therapy article.

v) Acupuncture and Chinese Massage
You can have regular acupuncture or meridian massage in the following areas: lower back, soles of the feet, Liver and Kidney Channels.

If you have a personal individual question, we can arrange for a confidential consultation with one of our male practitioners. Alternatively, you can talk to your experienced Chinese Medicine Practitioner.


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  1. adam 13 August, 2012 at 6:46 pm #

    My sexual performance over the last 12 years has declined dramatically.I am now 50 years old.The main problem is that my erection is not as strong as it used to be 10 years ago and once erect it only takes 2 minutes before i lose the erection and the penis becomes flaccid.I also tend to ejaculate within 2 minutes of an erection.I visited my urologist 4 years ago and had a few tests conducted which showed venogenic leaks.What options are available besides viagara and cialis?
    Are there any natural remedies?

    • Ping Ming Health 28 October, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

      Traditional Chinese medicine has been used to improve men’s sexual health for thousands of years. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are often used to treat many causes of erectile dysfunction. You can visit an experienced Chinese medicine practitioner for a diagnosis of your condition.

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