Why do some people get itchiness around the vagina or groin area?

In this article I will answer the questions about itchiness around the vagina or groin area. This topic can make many women shy to discuss with others or your practitioner as it is a very sensitive topic.


One of my clients called me complaining from itchiness in the vagina or groin area for a few months. She was at the stage where she could not bare it anymore and was wondering if acupuncture could help. Afterwards, I gave her a few weeks treatment with acupuncture and herbal medicine which made the itchiness go away.

Itchiness around the vagina or groin is a very common gynecological issue. It can happen at any age, but over the age of 40 years it is more common. Some of the cases I have dealt with had the issue reoccurring, which affected their normal lifestyle which made them unsettled day and night. In some of these cases it affected their sexual relationships.

1. Symptoms of itchiness

The itchiness can be in or around the vagina or groin . Some of the itchiness only happens a few times a day where it comes and goes quickly, whilst others can be persistent throughout the day and night. Some women may experience the following symptoms; localized burning,  dryness and tightness sensation, uncomfortable to pass urine, pain during intercourse.


2. Causes of itchiness

Many traditional Chinese text books mentions the symptoms mentioned above. TCM regards these symptoms as Yin Zao syndrome (dry vagina syndrome). This mainly occurs due to the following causes;

i) Liver/kidney yin weakness

Chinese medicine considers the vagina or groin area to be dominated by the liver and kidneys. When there is a yin deficiency in these organs it will affect the circulation around this region, making this region very hot and dry. Due to this weakness, the body may experience the following symptoms as well; body thirsty and hot, need to drink water while sleeping, insomnia, lower back pain, frequent urination at night-time, poor memory, pain during intercourse due to the sensitive and dry vagina area. Some of the cases is associated with menopause.

ii) Associated with old injury around the pelvis area

When an injury occurs around the pelvis which is not fixed, stagnation of blood may occur. This can cause pain in the region as well as lack of circulation to the vagina or groin causing the itchiness. This type of cause may also have the following symptoms; itchiness is more severe before period or during night-time, lower back or leg pain, period pain, dark and blood clots in menstruate, some may have neck pain and headaches before period.

iii)  Damp and heat in lower abdomen

Sometimes the external environment can affect the body. Dampness and heat entering the body can cause disorder in the vagina or groin area. This type of itchiness usually occurs all the time. This type may have the following associated symptoms; lots of discharge, yellow or pungent discharge, dark yellow urination, bowel movement is sluggish, arm and body feeling heavy, lowered immune system, common to get urinary tract infections.

Itchiness around the vagina or groin area can be linked to thrush or other gynecological issues, however some women may undergo test which come back with no positive results for any of these. It is this type of issue that I am talking about above. These are linked to an internal organ disorder.

3.  What to do if you suffer from itchiness around the vagina or groin

i) Seek medical attention to have a few tests done. If you are unable to find a cause or unable to be treated you can turn to natural medicine. As I mentioned above, TCM and acupuncture is an effective treatment for this condition.

ii) While you have itchiness, you should avoid eating hot and spicy foods such as chili, garlic, ginger, onions, lamb or deep dried foods.

iii) Avoid eating frozen and cold foods, especially before and during menstruation.

I suggest that if you have any problem in any small region of the body you should fix it as it may affect other parts of the body later on.


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