Period delay with no ovulation and acupuncture

In my clinic I have come to realise that period delay with no ovulation or not good ovulation is becoming more common nowadays, sometimes due to emotional disorder, injury or polycystic ovaries (PCOS). I encourage those with period delay or ovulation issues not to give up. Most of these cases can be helped with acupuncture and chinese medicine, especially in the early stages of the issue and those of young age. For some clients, I have been able to regulate their periods and also help them fall pregnant.


Firstly, I would like to share with you one of the successful cases. About two years ago, a woman over the age of 34 years came to see me. She had delayed period and no ovulation sign and was told she would have difficulties falling pregnant. She hoped that I could help her regulate her periods and help her fall pregnant quickly. When she first came to see me she had the following symptoms; overweight, irregular periods (once or twice a year), period was scanty, dark and had clots, very lethargic, bloating, constipated, body aches, hirsutism (facial and body hair). I checked her through traditional chinese medicine diagnosis, such as pulse and tongue diagnosis. I found that the cause of her period delay with no ovulation was due to kidney weakness, blood stagnation around the waist area. Due to this it decreased the circulation to the ovaries, therefore being unable to produce healthy eggs on time. I gave this client acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Every second week she would also have a Chinese massage performed by one of our practitioners. After a couple of months of treatment, she lost some weight, her period became regular and after five months she fell pregnant. We are very happy with her success and start to her new family.

1. Symptoms of period delay with no ovulation

Chinese medicine believes that period delay with unhealthy ovary occur over time and if left untreated it may become more severe. Ovaries are unable to produce adequate eggs and cannot be released on time. These eggs become stuck in the ovaries and cause cysts. The body may experience the following symptoms; delayed periods, lack of energy, insomnia, sluggish bowel movement, bloating, weight gain, no discharge or mucus around ovulation. Period delay with no ovulation in a young woman may affect breast development and they may have obesity, infertility, diabetes or grow extra hair and acne .

I suggest that women who have delayed periods, it is important to pay attention to this, so it can be fixed at an early stage and make sure it does not develop.


2. Causes of period delay with no ovulation

i) Kidney deficiency

Chinese medicine considers kidney essence to maintain sexual development throughout life. If someone has weak kidneys it will affect the functioning of the ovaries and the body will experience having delayed period or no periods, or polycystic ovaries without menstruation. The body may also have the following symptoms; lower back pain, weakness in the lower back and knee region, puffy ankles, frequent urination especially at night-time, lower libido, early waking, hirsutism.

ii) Qi and blood deficiency

Chinese medicine believes that if the body has weakened qi and blood, then the abdomen will have a lack of qi and blood which will affect the ovaries. The body will not only suffer from delayed periods or polycystic ovaries, but will have the following symptoms; Lethargy, pale face, bloating especially after eating, diarrhea, body bloating, weight gain.

iii) Liver qi and blood stagnation

This is present in women who have a very stressful life. Stress and tension will make the qi and blood in the liver stagnant. It will cause poor circulation to the ovaries and effect the production of eggs. The body will not only experience irregular periods or polycystic ovaries but may have the following; stress, very emotional, PMS, breast full and pain before period, insomnia, vivid dreams, irritable bowel movement, acne.

3. How to prevent period delay or unhealthy ovary

i) Young women should have regular moderate exercise in the sun. Around the time of menstruation exercise should be reduced.

ii) Relaxing your lifestyle is important around you period. Listen to soft music, avoid strong emotions especially around menstruation.

iii)You should avoid cold environments, foods or beverages. During a cold day around menstruation you can use a hot water bottle and place it on your abdomen.

iv) It is important to remember when you will menstruate and the condition of the blood such as quality, amount, colour. If you suffer from delayed periods or period pain, you should treat it in early stages to avoid polycystic ovaries.

In my clinic I have realised that many women do not recognize the early stages of this issue. It is not until later when women want to start a family that they have difficulties.


4. What to do if you have been diagnosed with delayed period or no ovulation

i) If you are diagnosed with period delay or ovulation issues you should seek medical aid or find an experienced TCM practitioner or other natural practitioner.

ii) If you are able to change some lifestyle factors like those mentioned above, it can help to aid in your recovery.

We believe that if you can get help at the early stages of a problem it will help prevent something more serious.



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