How to help abnormal sperm

Each year in our clinic we help many couples to fall pregnant. In these cases at least 30% of the problem is associated with the quality of sperm as well as women fertility issues. I think it is necessary to talk about how to improve the man’s health and sperm quality.


A few days before I began to write this article, one of my colleagues told me that he had another successful treatment with a patient with abnormal sperm. A few weeks ago, a middle-aged man came to see him for fertility issues (his wife, at the same time saw myself for fertility issues), the test he had performed prior showed that his sperm had a low mobility rate with a high rate of abnormal sperm. This patient also experienced the following symptoms; body felt hot, stressed, lethargic, dark yellow urine. Eric checked his pulse and tongue through traditional diagnosis methods. This showed that his abnormal sperm was associated with liver heat and weakened kidneys. This case was treated with a personalised combination of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. After a few weeks, he had the tests repeated which showed normal finding in his sperm. Just recently his wife has fallen pregnant.

1. Causes of abnormal sperm

Chinese medicine considers that most abnormalities in sperm can be fixed, but the cause of the issue needs to be known first. The main causes of this are primarily the external such as the environment or internal organs disorder.

i) External conditions

These include; Occupational environment such as strong chemical smells, injury to the lower back or abdomen area, unhealthy lifestyle.

ii) Internal conditions

a. Kidney disorder

Chinese medicine considers the kidney essence and energy are strongly associated with the sexual function, especially kidney yin and yang. If someone suffers kidney deficiency it may affect the sperm mobility and quantity. Someone may experience the following symptoms; lethargy, lower back pain, lower back weakness, watery semen, frequent urination especially at night-time, early upon waking, lower libido, poor memory, grey hair at early age.

b. Liver disorder

The liver channel is a major channel which flows around the lower abdomen and pelvic area. It functions in dominating the circulation and distribution of energy in that area. If the liver function is depressed for either a short of long duration it will affect the production of sperm. You may experience the following symptoms; insomnia, vivid dreams, depression, lethargy, premature ejaculation, sluggish bowel movement, bloating in the abdomen area.

c. Stagnation (Dampness and heat) in the lower abdomen

Chinese medicine considers stagnation in the lower abdomen to affect the production of sperm. Examination of sperm may show; semen has a yellow colour, high abnormalities in sperm shape, you may suffer from the following symptoms; body heavy, arms and legs feeling heavy, body feels hot, bloating, red face, thirsty, yellow urine, pungent and dark stool, sluggish bowel movement.


3. How to help abnormal sperm

You may be affected if you find out you have abnormal sperm, but it is not an issue which cannot be fixed. It is important to find out the causes of abnormal sperm, which we mentioned above and it can be easily treated.

i) You can find your experience traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, to undergo traditional diagnosis through tongue and pulse analysis.

ii) It is important to take note of your environment which may affect the way your body functions.

4. How to improve your quality of sperm

If you are planning to start a family, you should pay attention to the following.

i) Avoid wearing tight clothes, especially during hot days. It is also best to avoid having a hot bath or spa for a long time.

ii) If you have an injury around your abdomen or lower back, it is important to fix this as it may affect your fertility.

iii) Balance your lifestyle so it is more relaxing with not too much stress. You can do moderate exercise and listen to soft music. It is also important to get your rest so you have good energy levels.

iv) Eating more healthy foods, such as; nuts, vegetables, fruit, prawns, lamb, beef, venison. If you need more details on this, please see my diet therapy section in relation to kidney and liver function.

v) You can visit you family doctor for a general check up, such as tests for liver and kidney function.

I hope this article has given you warm regards and given you help to achieve a happy family life.



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