Imbalances of the five senses can predict disease in the five visceral organs

Imbalances of the five senses can predict disease in the five visceral organs

Did you know, Chinese medicine believes that every part of the human body is inter-related with each other. This is in accordance to the basic principles of the 5 elements and meridian study. Because of this, if any of the five senses experience any discomfort sensations, it is indicative of disease changes in either one or two internal visceral organs (heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney), thereby reflecting in its external symptoms.

Similarly, if any of the visceral organs are diseased, it is first commonly reflected on specific parts of the external human body, especially from the five senses (sight, auditory, scent, taste and touch), particularly in early onset of disease stages of the visceral organs.

Please take note:

  1. Symptoms of dry eyes, inflammation, sore, blurred or unclear vision. You should be aware this is an indication of disease changes in the liver.
  2. Symptoms of dull smell or frequent nasal obstruction and chest tightness are probable dysfunction of the lungs.
  3. Symptoms of lip numbness, poor taste and swollen tongue, entire body or lower abdominal/intestinal inflammation are indicative of illness of the spleen/stomach.
  4. You must be aware that greenish-purple colour of the mouth and tongue, is indicative of blood clots in the heart. If this is detected early and treated, it could prevent sudden onset of heart attacks.
  5. Symptoms of ringing in the ears, reduced hearing ability and soreness of waist leading into lethargy, are frequent early responses of kidney dysfunction.

Now that you are aware, when there is a recurrence of a specific disease, or if the disease is left untreated, you must first locate the root of the disease and treat it from there. This is the principal treatment methodology behind Chinese medicine.

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