Apple and lung function

Apple and lung function

Apple is one of the most commonly eaten fruits and it is available in all seasons. There are many different types of apples on the market depending on the time of year or season or place. Generally, apple is sour and sweet in taste and cooling in nature. Apples have many health benefits for the body.

1. Health Benefits of Apple

1) Balance Lung Function and Nourish Skin
Relationship of the Skin and the Lung: Chinese Medicine believes that the Lung dominates the skin and the opening and closing of the pores.  The Lung sends energy (Qi) to the Skin, maintaining its condition and quality.  If the Lung function (especially Lung Yin & Lung Qi) is poor, the body’s skin will easily become dry. At this stage, the body will often also have the following symptoms: constipation, dry throat, dry mouth, dry nose, nose bleeds easily, low immune system, easily catches cold or flu, may suffer high fever, bronchitis or asthma.  When we see these symptoms in our clinic, we find that the Lung is one of the major causes.  One of the treatments we suggest is eating one apple per day.

2) Balance Intestines and Stop Diarrhoea
Traditional diet therapy texts mention that Apple can reduce symptoms of infection in the intestine area, with symptoms such as diarrhoea and abdominal pain.  I suggest one steamed apple every second day – please see the recipe below.

3) Apple can clear toxins of alcohol from the Liver
After drinking alcohol, apple can be eaten to help clear the toxins and reduce potential damage to the liver.  I suggest you have an apple and watermelon juice during or after drinking alcohol – please see the recipe below!

2. Recipes

1) Steamed Apple
1 apple – remove core & chop into large pieces

Steam the chopped apple for 15 minutes & eat

Effects: Help digestion & stop diarrhoea.

2) Apple & Watermelon Juice
1 apple

1 large handful of watermelon

Juice apple and watermelon together to make one glass full of juice

Effects: Help the body to clear the toxins.

3. Precautions

1) If you are not sure of your constitution or whether to eat apple, ask your experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner.

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